The University of Alabama

First Wednesday: Focus on Safety

Storm Ready

On the first Wednesday of each month, the University tests its emergency notification vehicles, including UA alerts and the public address system. In addition to notification tests, the University provides safety information to help the UA community be prepared in the event of an emergency. This month’s focus is on knowing where storm shelters are on campus. Taking the actions listed here can help keep you and others safe.

To prepare for the possibility of severe weather on campus, UA employees should locate the storm shelter site for each building where they work. The location is noted on the evacuation map posted on a wall within each building near the main entry way or stairwell.

For evacuation purposes, the maps are located on each floor, but the storm shelter location will be found on the map on the lower levels of the building. Typically, the storm shelter site is located on the lower levels of the building.

For a list of shelter locations for most buildings on campus, go to Look for storm shelter sites at the bottom of the page under Related Links.

In the event of severe weather while off-campus, homeowners should identify the safest location in their home. People living in off-campus rental housing should check with their property owner for suggested locations on the property. Other recommendations on safety during severe weather can be found at the following websites: and