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Archive for January 14th, 2013

Recruitment Services

Details concerning the revised employee background-check policy, services for hiring managers and the expansion of student employment.

Employee Development and Recognition

The Human Resources department of Learning and Development is committed to providing access to learning experiences for employees that promote performance improvement and professional development.

Take the Time to Recognize Outstanding Employees

The Department of Human Resources plays a critical role in facilitating awards and programs that recognize individual employees, departments and teams for their exemplary performance, winning spirit, exceptional customer service and enterprising ways.

Human Resources Matters

This issue of Dialog focuses on changes and revisions to health care and other benefits that affect all UA employees. It contains important and timely information on benefits, employee training and development opportunities, and hiring practices. Employees are encouraged to keep this issue for future reference.

Health Care Reform and Its Impact on You

Health care reform will mean changes for each employee. To understand how health care reform affects UA employees, it is important to understand how the University’s group medical plan works.

Dialog Extra for Jan. 14, 2013

Crimson Calendar Click on to view Dialog Extra on UA’s website if you have problems reading the email subscription. ANNOUNCEMENTS ALMA MATER — As 2013 begins, The University of Alabama begins a new tradition: the playing of the alma mater each day at noon. At the suggestion of a student, Denny Chimes will ring out the […]