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The University of Alabama

First Wednesdays: Focus on Safety

On the first Wednesday of each month, the University tests its emergency notification vehicles, including UA alerts and the public address system. In addition to notification tests, the University provides safety information to help the UA community be prepared in the event of an emergency. This month’s focus is on what to do in case of fire or explosion.

In case of fire or explosion on campus, remember the following:

  • You are required to evacuate a building when the fire alarm is activated or when ordered to do so by University or public safety personnel.
  • Remain calm. Exits are located on each building’s evacuation maps. These maps are mounted on the interior walls of each building. Leave through the nearest exit.
  • If time permits, take your belongings with you.
  • Quickly shut down any hazardous operations if possible.
  • Close windows and doors.
  • Do not re-enter the building until authorized to do so.
  • Move away from the building, and keep sidewalks, streets and fire lanes clear for responders.
  • Walk; do not run.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Alert others as you leave.

If you are unable to leave the building, do the following:

  • Keep the room door closed.
  • Call UAPD at 348-5454 and provide your location.
  • Hang an object or cloth on a window to let others know your location.
  • Seal door cracks and ventilation with wet towels or clothes.
  • If smoke enters the room, open exterior windows.
  • If smoke enters from outside, close exterior windows.
  • Stay close to the floor for clean air.
  • Place a cloth around your nose and mouth to filter smoke.