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The University of Alabama

Faculty/Staff Notes for 2011

Faculty and Staff Notes consist of publications, performances/exhibits, appointments, awards and elections that occurred for UA faculty and staff in 2011. (Papers presented at conferences, conference attendance or chairs at conferences are not included.) Names of UA faculty and staff are in bold.


Tyrone Cheng, social work, received the Dean’s Faculty Award. 

Jody DeRidder, libraries, was selected as one of 24 applicants to be trained (funding provided) as a trainer in digital preservation strategies by the top six digital preservationists in the U.S.

Douglas Lightfoot, modern languages and classics, was Alabama Association of Foreign Language Teachers Nominee for the Southern Conference on Language Teaching Teacher of Excellence Award, Post-Secondary.

Olivia W. May, nursing, received the Cindajo Overton Outstanding Educator Award from the Alabama State Nurses Association.

Jeremy Zelkowski, secondary mathematics education, was awarded a regional instructorship by the international group, Teachers Teaching with Technology, known as T-cubed.


Mike Butts, campus mail service, was elected vice president of the National Association of College & University Mail Services. His two-year term began July 1.

Jill Grogg, libraries, was appointed to the editorial board of Serials Review (Elsevier Publishing).

Jessica Lacher-Feldman, libraries, was appointed to the Committee on Archives, Libraries and Museums (CALM), a combined/joint committee of the three major professional associations relating to cultural heritage, namely, the American Library Association (ALA), Society of American Archivists (SAA) and American Association of Museums (AAM).

Jeremy Zelkowski, secondary mathematics education, was appointed as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Government Relations Officer for the Alabama Council of Teachers of Mathematics for 2012-2013.


John Virciglio, theatre and dance, created, produced, directed and choreographed “The Realm.” It was the first show to ever use stereoscopic 3D to create a virtual environment for live performers in real-time.


Torin Alter, philosophy, “Tye’s New Take on the Puzzles of Consciousness.” Analysis 71(4), Oct.

  • co-edited “Consciousness and the Mind-Body Problem: A Reader.” (Oxford University Press)
  • coauthored “The God Dialogues: A Philosophical Journey.” (Oxford University Press)

William L. Andreen, law, “Water Law and the Search for Sustainability: A Comparative Analysis.” in R. Quentin Grafton and Karen Hussey, ed. “Water Resources Planning and Management” (New York: Cambridge University Press), 155-174.

Andreen coauthored the following:

  • “Climate Change and the Puget Sound: Building the Legal Framework for Adaptation.” Climate Law 2:3, 299-344 [IOS Press].
  • “The BP Catastrophe: When Hobbled Law and Hollow Regulation Leave Americans Unprotected.” (Washington, D.C.: Center for Progressive Reform). [Center for Progressive Reform White Paper #1101.]
  • “Missing the Mark in the Chesapeake Bay: A Report Card for the Phase I Watershed Implementation Plans.” (Washington, D.C.: Center for Progressive Reform). [Center for Progressive reform White Paper #1102.]
  • “Making Good Use of Adaptive Management.” (Washington, D.C.: Center for Progressive Reform) [Center for Progressive Reform White Paper #1104].
  • “Climate Change and the Puget Sound: Building the Legal Framework for Adaptation.” (Washington, D.C.: Center for Progressive Reform) [CPR White Paper #1108].

Kathleen Boland, social work, and Javonda Williams, social work, coauthored “Mapping Our Way to Success.” The Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work 16, 93-114.

Stanley Brodsky, psychology, coauthored “Mitigation Evaluations: A Survey of Current Practices.” Journal of Forensic Psychology 11: 21-41.

Jeremy G. Butler, telecommunication and film, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Historicizing Visual Style in Mad Men.” in “Mad Men: Dream Come True TV”, 55-71. Edited by Gary R. Edgerton. London: I.B. Tauris. (Released in the UK in December 2010 and the US in 2011.)

Jeffrey Carver, computer science, “Development of a Mesh Generation Code with a Graphical Front-End: A Case Study.” Journal of Organizational and End-User Computing. 23(4), 1-16.

  • coauthored “Visual Analysis for Textual Relationships in Digital Forensics Evidence.” Information Visualization 10(2): 134-144. 

Tyrone Cheng, social work, coauthored with Celia Lo, criminal justice, “A longitudinal analysis of some risk and protective factors in marijuana use by adolescents receiving child welfare services.” Children and Youth Services Review 33: 1667-1672.

Naomi Choi, political science, “The Post-Analytic Roots of Humanist Liberalism.” Journal of the History of European Idea, Sept. 37:3, 280-292.

Wesley Church, social work, coauthored the following:

  • “Exploring the potential for racial and gender bias in violations of probation petitions.” Journal of Forensic Social Work 1: 124-131.
  • “Attitudes toward the treatment of sex offenders: A SEM analysis.” Journal of Forensic Social Work,1: 82-95.
  • “Assessing probation and community corrections workers’ attitudes toward sex offenders using the community attitudes toward sex offenders (CATSO) scale in a rural state.” Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity 18: 75-85.

Ellen Csikai, social work, coauthored the following

  • “Adult protective services workers’ experiences with serious illness and death.”  Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect 23(2): 1-21.
  • with Shadi Martin, social work, “An assessment of hospice bereavement programs for Hispanics.” Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life & Palliative Care 7: 121-138.

Jody DeRidder, libraries, “I2 and ISNI: Improving the Information Supply Chain with Standard Institutional Identifiers.” Information Standards Quarterly Summer, 23(3).

  • “Benign Neglect: Developing Life Rafts for Digital Content.” Information Technology and Libraries June, 30(2).
  • “Overhead Scanners: Reports from the Field.” Library Hi Tech March, 29(1).
  • “Leveraging EADs for Low-Cost Access to Digitized Content at the University of Alabama Libraries” Journal of Library Innovation 2(1).

J. Shahar Dillbary, law, “Apportioning Liability Behind a Veil of Uncertainty.” 62 Hastings Law Journal 1729-1791.

Bryan K. Fair, law, “The Excessive Entanglement of Politics, Law and Religion.” 26 Journal of Law and Religion 371-380.

  • coauthored “Constitutional law: Cases, Materials, and Problems” 2nd edition (Austin, Texas: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business) [Aspen Casebook Series].

Nancy Fawley, libraries, “Addressing Academic Integrity: Perspectives From Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar,” in “International Students and Academic Libraries: Initiatives for Success.”

Betty Florey, honors, edited and wrote the introduction for “In Africa’s Forest and Jungle: Six Years Among the Yoruba” by Richard Henry Stone. Cambridge University Press, originally published 1899.

Pamela Payne-Foster, medicine,“Wisdom of a Child: Lessons Taught to a Health Care Provider.” Commentary, published online Oct. Health Communication. She coauthored the following:

  • “Learning and Living Diabetes: Development of a College Diabetes Seminar Course” Diabetes Spectrum Jan. 1, 24:42-46.
  • “Assessment of HIV/AIDS Prevention of Rural African American Baptist Leaders in Alabama.” Journal of the National Medical Association 103: 323-331.
  • “The Art and Science of Patient Storytelling—Harnessing Narrative Communication for Behavioral Interventions.” Journal of Health Communication May 2:1-12 (E pub).
  •  “Patient Complexity and Diabetes Quality of Care in Rural Settings.” Journal of the National Medical Association 103: 234-240.
  • “Reasons for HIV Disclosure and non-Disclosure: An Exploratory Study of African American Men.” Issues in Mental Health Nursing 32:6; 367-373 (7).
  • ”A cluster-randomized trial of a Web-based diabetes intervention for physicians.” International Journal of Quality Health Care 1-8.

Tony Freyer, law, co-edited “Freedom’s Conditions in the U.S.-Canadian Borderlands in the Age of Emancipation.” (Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press).

Marysia Galbraith, anthropology, guest edited issue of the Anthropological Journal of European Cultures 20(2) with a thematic focus “Instrumental Europe: Practices of Daily Engagement with the European Union.The issue includes the following articles she coauthored:

  • “‘Poland Has Always Been in Europe’: The EU as an Instrument for Personal and National Advancement” 21-42.
  • Instrumental Europe:Practices of Daily Engagement with the European Union. Anthropological Journal of European Cultures 1-20.

Debra Nelson-Gardell, social work, and Javonda Williams, social work, coauthored “Techniques employed by forensic interviewers conducting extended assessments: Results from a multi-site study.” Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma 20, 237-259.

Jill Grogg, libraries, coauthored “Building a Better ERMS.” Library Journal 136, no. 4: 22-28.

Justin Hart, geography, coauthored the following:

  • “Canopy gap dynamics and development patterns in secondary Quercus stands on the Cumberland Plateau, Alabama, USA.” Forest Ecology and Management 262: 2229–2239.
  • “Sapling richness and composition in canopy gaps of a southern Appalachian mixed Quercus forest.” Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 138: 207–219.
  • “Forest vegetation and development patterns in secondary stands on the Alabama Highland Rim: an examination of the largest landholding in the region.” Natural Areas Journal 31: 256–269.
  • “A methodological analysis of canopy disturbance reconstructions using Quercus alba.” Canadian Journal of Forest Research 41: 1359–1367.
  • “Canopy disturbance patterns in secondary hardwood stands on the Highland Rim of Alabama.” Castanea 76: 55–63.

William Henning, law, “The Uniform Law Commission and Cooperative Federalism: Implementing Private International Law Through Uniform State Laws,” 2 Elon Law Review 39-55.

Lisa Hooper, education, “Parentification.” In R. J. R. Levesque (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Adolescence, (Vol. 4, 2023-2031). New York, NY: Springer.

She coauthored the following:

  • “Characterizing the magnitude of the relation between parentification and psychopathology: A meta-analysis.” Journal of Clinical Psychology 67, 1028-1043.
  • “Patient attachment style and treatment adherence: Translating attachment theory in medical settings.” Journal of Mental Health, 20(6), 1-15.
  •  “The development, use, and psychometric properties of the Trauma History Questionnaire.” Journal of Loss and Trauma: International Perspectives on Stress and Coping 16: 258-283.
  • “The Parentification Inventory: Development, validation, and cross-validation.” American Journal of Family Therapy 39: 1-16.
  • “The mediating effects of differentiation of self on body mass index and depressive symptomatology among an American college sample”. Counselling Psychology Quarterly 24: 71-82.
  • “Exploring the relations between parent depressive symptoms, family religious involvement, and adolescent depressive symptoms: A test of moderation.” Counseling and Values 55: 210-227.
  • “Family medicine and internal medicine physicians’ attitudes and beliefs about depression: Implications for treatment decisions.” Primary Care and Community Health 2: 107-115.

Rebecca J. Howell, criminal justice,Exploring the impact of grading rubrics on academic performance: Findings from a quasi-experimental pre-post evaluation.” Journal on Excellence in College Teaching 22(2): 31-49.

Daniel H. Joyner, law, “Interpreting the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.” (Oxford [U.K.], and New York: Oxford University Press).

Eyun Jung Ki, advertising and public relations, coauthored the following:

  • “Factors affecting ethical practice of public relations professionals within public relations firms.” Asian Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Does Ethics Statement of a Public Relations Firm Make a Difference? Yes it does!!” Journal of Business Ethics 105 (2): 267-276.
  • Corporate Web pages as a Key Communication Channel for Financial Publics.” Public Relations Journal.
  • with William Gonzenbach, advertising and public relations, “Determinants of Ethical Practices of Public Relations Practitioners.” Asian Journal of Communication.

Lance Kinney, advertising and public relations, “Audience measurement (including ratings, share, cume), Cooperative advertising, Cost per thousand (CPM), Coupons, Frequency, Gross rating points(GRPs), Reach, Pre-sponsorship activities.” in L. E. Swayne & J. G. Golson (Eds.). “Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing.” Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. 

  • coauthored “NASCAR-related philanthropy and the distilled spirits sponsor category.” International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing 10 (1/2): 35-45.

Ronald Krotoszynski Jr., law, “Transparency, Accountability, and Competency: An Essay on the Obama Administration, Google Government, and the Difficulties of Securing Effective Governance,” 65 University of Miami Law Review, 449-481.

Meg Lamme, advertising and public relations, “Shining a Calcium Light: The WCTU and Public Relations History.” Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 28(2): 245-266. She coauthored the following:

  • “Learning from the Trades: Public Relations, Journalism, and News Release Writing, 1945-2008.” American Journalism 28(2): 82-112.
  • with Yorgo Pasadeos, Karla K. Gower “A Methodological Evaluation of Public Relations Research: 1989-2007.” Public Relations Review 37(2), 163-165.
  • “The Evolution of an Idea: Charting the Early Public Relations Ideology of Edward L. Bernays, 1919-1929.” Journal of Communication Management 15(3): 223-235.

Adam Lankford, criminal justice, “Could Suicide Terrorists Actually Be Suicidal?” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 34(4): 337-366.

He also coauthored the following:

  • Rehabilitating Terrorists Through Counter-Indoctrination: Lessons Learned from the Saudi Arabian Program.” International Criminal Justice Review, 21(2): 118-133.
  • “From Columbine to Palestine: A Comparative Analysis of Rampage Shooters in the United States and Volunteer Suicide Bombers in the Middle East.” Aggression and Violent Behavior, 16(2): 98-107.

Douglas Lightfoot, modern languages and classics, “Grammaticalization and Lexicalization” in “The Oxford Handbook of Grammaticalization.” Ed. by Heiko Narrog and Bernd Heine, 438-449. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

John Lochman, psychology, coauthored the following:

  • “The effects of the Fast Track preventive intervention on the development of Conduct Disorder across childhood.” Child Development 82:331-345.
  • “Cognitive behavioral therapy for externalizing disorders in children and adolescents.” Psychiatric Clinics of North America 20: 305-318.
  • “Risky decision making in substance dependent adolescents with a Disruptive Behavior Disorder.” Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 39: 333-339.
  • “Assessing and treating aggression and conduct problems in schools.” Psychology in the Schools 48: 233-242.
  • “Maternal depressive symptoms and child social preference during the early school years: Mediation by maternal warmth and child emotion regulation.” Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 39: 365-377.
  • “The influence of classroom aggression and classroom climate on the early development of aggressive-disruptive behavior problems in school.” Child Development 82: 751-757.

Gordon MacNeil, social work, coauthored “A comparative analysis of burnout and professional quality of life in clinical mental health providers and health care administrators.” Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health 26, 25-43.

Andrew P. Morriss, law, coauthored  “The False Promise of Green Energy.” (Washington, D.C.: The Cato Institute).

Seth Appiah-Opoku, geography, “Using Protected Areas as a Tool for Biodiversity Conservation and Ecotourism: A Case Study of Kakum National Park in Ghana,” Journal of Society and Natural Resources, Vol. 24, 500-51. He also coauthored “Zoning as a Form of Social Engineering.” In Brunn, S.D. (ed.) “Engineering Earth: The Impacts of Mega-engineering Projects.” Springer.

Pamela Bucy Pierson, law, coauthored “Creating an Effective Corporate Compliance Plan: Part II,” 72 The Alabama Lawyer, 285-293 (July).

David Pollio, social work, coauthored the following:

  • “Assessing student perception of practice evaluation knowledge in introductory research methods.” Journal of Social Work Education 47(3): 555-564.
  • Correlates of street-survival behaviors in homeless young adults in four U.S. cities. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 81 (3). 401-409.
  • “Employment status and income-generation among homeless young adults: Results from a five-city, mixed-methods study.” Youth & Society XX(X) 1-23. DOI: 10.1177/0044118X11402851.
  • “The use of psychoeducation for a patient with Hepatitis C and psychiatric illness in preparation for antiviral therapy: A case report and discussion.”  Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings 1899-107. DO1 10.1007/s10880-011-9227-6.
  • “Trauma exposure and posttraumatic stress disorder among employees of New York City companies affected by the September 11, 2011 attacks on the World Trade Center.” Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness.
  • The androgony of evidence-based group work: An integrated educational model.” in Pollio, D.E. & MacGowan, M.J. (Eds.). “Evidence-based group work in community settings” New York, Routledge.
  • “The Homeless.”  In Johnson, B.A. (Ed.) “Addiction Medicine” (1487-1504). New York, Springer.
  • “Estrangement factors associated with addiction to alcohol and drugs among homeless youth in three U.S. cities.” Evaluation and Program Planning 33, 418-427.

Jean Luc Robin, modern languages and classics, “Méthode vs expérience dans le Discours de la méthode et les Essais de Descartes.” Concordia Discors. Ed. Benoît Bolduc and Henriette Goldwyn. Biblio 17 195 (2011). Vol. 2: 199-207. Print. (Book article)

  • “Héritage et mariage raciniens ou l’émergence d’un sujet de droit.” Coulisses 42, 55-68.

Chris Roberts, journalism, coauthored “Doing Ethics in Media: Theories and Practical Applications.” Routledge.

Lucinda Roff, social work, and Louis Burgio, social work, coauthored “The use of Morycz’s Desire-to-Institutionalize Scale across three racial/ethnic groups.” Journal of Aging and Health 23(1), 195-202.

Michael Robinson, social work, coauthored the following:

  • “Post-prison community reentry and African American Males: Implications for family therapy and health.” a chapter in  A. Lemelle, W. Reed, & S. Taylor (Eds.). “Handbook of African American health: Social and behavioral interventions.” (197-214 ) New York: Springer.
  • “Social work students and self-care: A model assignment for teaching.” Journal of Social Work Education47(3): 545-554.
  • “Beyond the myth: Addressing suicide among African American males.” In A. Lemelle, W. Read, & S. Taylor (Eds.). Handbook of African American health: Social and behavioral interventions (215-224). New York: Springer.

Randall T. Salekin, psychology, “Publication Opportunity in the Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment.” Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment, 33:1-2.

  • coauthored “Psychopathy in forensic psychology: Assessment and methodology.” In B. Rosenfeld & S. S. Penrod (Eds), “Research methods in forensic psychology.” (347-371). New York: Wiley & Sons.

John H. Sandy, libraries, “Profiles in Science for Science Librarians: Edward O. Wilson.” Science & Technology Libraries 30(2): 109-131.

Jason Senkbeil, geography, coauthored the following:

  • “Who’s googling what? What internet searches reveal about hurricane information seeking.” Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 92(8): 975–985.
  • “Tropical Cyclone Hazards in the United States.” Geography Compass 5(8): 544- 563.

David Shankman, geography, coauthored the following:

  • “Afforestation in China’s arid and semi-arid regions: lessons in ecological restoration.” Earth Science Reviews 104: 240–245.
  • “Response of river–lake–groundwater interaction to extremes in the Changjiang River.” The UNESCO-International Hydrological Program Symposium on Extreme Events: Meteorological, Hydrological and Tsunami Disasters, 117-124.

Douglas Sherman, geography, coauthored the following:

  • “Measuring aeolian saltation: a comparison of sensors.” Journal of Coastal Research, SI59, 280-290.
  • “Algorithmic foundation and software tools for extracting shoreline features from remote sensing imagery and LiDAR data.” Journal of Geographic Information Systems, 3, 99-119.

Cassandra Simon, social work, coauthored the following:

  • “Racial identity-related differential attributions of inadequate responses to Hurricane Katrina: A social identity perspective.” Race and Social Problems 3: 13-24.
  • “Positive traits versus previous trauma: Racial different correlates with PTSD symptoms among Hurricane Katrina-Rita volunteers.” Journal of Community Psychology 39(4): 402-420.

Brenda Smith, social work, coauthored the following:

  • “Transferring training to child welfare practice: Individual and collective efforts.” Children and Youth Services Review 33: 149-156. 
  • “Integrated substance abuse and child welfare services for women: A progress review.” Children and Youth Services Review 33: 466-472.
  •  “Frontline counselors in organizational contexts: A study of treatment practices in community settings.” Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 41, 124-136.

Cynthia Sunal, education, coauthored with Dennis Sunal the following:

  • “Investigating Reform and Comparison Courses: Faculty and Students’ Short-Term Impacts.” Background Research Paper No. 22, Tuscaloosa: The Office of Research on Teaching in the Disciplines
  • “The Role of Public Policy in K-12 Science Education.” G. DeBoer (editor). Research in Science Education, Vol. V, Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishers.
  • “The Role of Public Policy in K-12 Science Education.” G. DeBoer (editor). Research in Science Education, Vol. V, Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishers.
  • “Investigating Reform and Comparison Courses: Faculty and Students’ Long-Term Impacts.” Background Research Paper No. 14. National Study of Undergraduate Science:
  • “Elementary Students Represent Classroom Democratic Citizenship Experiences Via Photos.” The Journal of Social Studies Research 35(2)
  •  “A Faculty Professional Development Model: Factors that Sustain Reform.” Background Research Paper No. 19. Office of Research on Teaching in the Disciplines, Tuscaloosa, AL
  • “A Faculty Professional Development Model: Factors that Sustain Reform.” Background Research Paper No. 13. (reprint) Tuscaloosa, AL. National Study of Undergraduate Science:

Dennis Sunal, education, coauthored “A Framework to Support Undergraduate Women in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science at a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI).” Background Research Paper No. 16, Tuscaloosa, AL: Office of Research on Teaching in the Disciplines.

Joanne Terrell, social work, coauthored with Stanley Brodsky, psychology, “Testifying about mitigation: When social workers and other mental health professionals face aggressive cross-examination.” Journal of Forensic Social Work 1(1): 73-81.

Amy Traylor, social work, coauthored the following:

  • What virtual reality research in addictions can tell us about the future of obesity assessment and treatment.” Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 5(2): 265-271.
  • “Using virtual reality to investigate complex and contextual cue reactivity in nicotine dependent problem drinkers.” Addictive Behaviors 36: 1068-1075.
  • “Cue reactivity in virtual reality: The role of context.” Addictive Behaviors 36: 696-699.

Joe Weber, geography, “America’s New Design for Living”: The Interstate Highway System and the Spatial Transformation of the U.S.” in “Engineering Earth: The Impacts of Mega-Engineering Projects” (Brunn, ed.) 532-567. Kluwer.

Jeremy Zelkowski, secondary mathematics education, “Evaluating an AP calculus program’s struggles: Lessons learned and changes for improvement.”  Alabama Journal of Mathematics 36(1).

  • “Developing Secondary Mathematics Preservice Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Influencing Positive Change.” in Maddux C.D., Gibson, D., Dodge, B., Owen, C., Mishra, P., & Koehler, M. (Eds.), “Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2011,” (31-38). Chesapeake, VA: Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE).
  • “Defining the intensity of high school mathematics: Distinguishing the difference between college-ready and college-eligible students.” American Secondary Education, 39(2): 27-49.
  • “The TI-Nspire CAS: A happy-medium mobile device for grades 9-16 mathematics classrooms.” TechTrends: Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning, 55(3), 40-46.
  • “Evaluating an AP calculus program’s struggles: Lessons learned and changes for improvement.”  Alabama Journal of Mathematics 36(1).

Metka Zupancic, modern languages and classics, “Gisèle Bienne: ‘avec ma main amie’ les remembrer et se remembrer.” La Licorne, “Gisèle Bienne, figures de l’altérité.” Catherine Rannoux-Wespel, ed. N° 95, 161-73.

  • “Mythes porteurs de séismes? La figure d’Ariane chez Claire Lejeune et Jacqueline De Clercq.” Contemporary French and Francophone Studies: SITES (Séismes/Seismic Shifts II). Mária Minich Brewer, Judith E. Preckshot, guest eds. 14, 5 553-60.