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The University of Alabama

Faculty Staff Notes for 2010

Dialog is pleased to present faculty and staff activities for 2010 that were submitted for publication electronically or by the Faculty/Staff Notes form. Faculty and Staff Notes prints publications, performances/exhibits, appointments, awards and elections; space does not permit printing presentations at meetings, seminars and other academic gatherings. Names of UA faculty and staff are in bold.


Dr. Laurie Bonnici, library science, was awarded funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Service for the project “Accessible Libraries for All: A Recruitment Project to Prepare 21st Century Librarians to Bridge the Physical Access Divide.”

Dr. Jeffrey Carver, computer science, was elected as a senior member of both the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Yunjae Cheong, advertising and public relations, received the Top Faculty Paper Award, Ad Division by the 2010 Annual Conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
•  received RGC research fund award, 2009

Dr. Kristi Crowe, nutrition and hospitality management, along with two faculty from Auburn University, has been awarded a Marine Environmental Science Consortium grant to study the effects of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on eustarine fish as a model for aquatic food sources.

Jody L. DeRidder, libraries, is the P.I. of a grant from The National Historical Publications and Records Commission for the W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library to digitize the Septimus D. Cabaniss papers, and to demonstrate a proposed low-cost model of mass digitization and Web delivery.

Dr. Janis L. Edwards, communication studies, was named Gender Scholar of the Year for 2010 by the Southern Communication Association.

Sr. Madeleine Gregg, education, with M.L. Rock, B.K. Thead, S.E. Acker, R.A. Gable and N. Zigmond, had their article recognized by the Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children as the best publication in 2009.  The article was “Can you hear me now? Evaluation of an online wireless technology to provide real-time feedback to special education teachers-in-training.” Teacher Education and Special Education 32(1), pp. 64-82.

F. Lynn Hamric, mechanical engineering, was awarded the Golden Key International Honour Society Regional Advisor of the Year Award for 2009.

Tyra Hilliard, restaurant, hotel and meeting management, received the 2009-2010 Excellence in Education Award by the Meeting Professionals International New Jersey Chapter.

Dr. Lisa M. Hooper, education, received the Young Emerging Leader Award, sponsored by the American Association of Multicultural Counseling and Development, Arlington, Va.
•  received the Paul W. Bryant Endowed Professorship for Distinction in Teaching.

Millie Jackson, libraries, was recognized as a Bibliography Fellow by the Modern Language Association for “distinguished contributions made as a fellow for the MLA International Bibliography, 2006-09.”

Dr. Lisa LeCount, anthropology, conducted the first of three archaeological field seasons at the ancient Maya site of Actuncan in Belize, Central America with support from the National Science Foundation.

Mike Morrow, financial affairs, received the Micro MBA Certificate through the College of Continuing Studies.

Dr. Jo Pryce, social work, received a certificate of appreciation from the Campus Veterans Association for her dedication and commitment in serving the needs of student veterans at the Capstone.

Dr. Enrique Ruiz-Fornells, Spanish emeritus, received the 2010 Honorary Member Award at the annual meeting of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association.

Sky Shineman, art and art history, won Best in Show and the Michael Goodson and Richard Zoellner Purchase award for her painting “Olentangy” at the 26th annual West Alabama Juried Show.

Dr. Michael A. Taylor, community health sciences, has been certified in the new subspecialty “child abuse pediatrics.”

Joanne Terrell, social work, received the Liberty Bell Award from the Tuscaloosa Bar Association. The TCBA presents its Liberty Bell Award annually to a non-lawyer who has made an extraordinary contribution to the justice system.


Dr. Melondie Carter, nursing, was appointed to serve on the research committee for the National Health Enhancement Research Organization.

Dr. Naomi Choi, political science, was appointed secretary of the Society for the Philosophy of History of the Eastern division of the American Philosophical Association (APA).

Dr. Pamela Payne-Foster, community and rural medicine, was appointed to the following:
•  the Tuscaloosa Infant Mortality Coalition
•  Alabama Health Advisory Board
•  NAACP Advisory Board
•  Project SAVED, a CDC-funded HIV/AIDS Capacity Building project in 11 Southern states

Dr. Michelle Harcrow, community health sciences, was appointed to serve on the research committee for the American College Health Association’s Health Promotion Section during the 2010 annual meeting in Philadelphia, Pa.

Dr. Lisa M. Hooper, education, was appointed to the editorial board of the Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development.

Dr. Lee Keyes, counseling center, was appointed to the board of directors for the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc.

Dr. James Leeper, community health sciences, was elected to a three-year term on the steering committee of the Intersectional Council of the American Public Health Association.

Dr. Celia Lo, criminal justice, was appointed
•  grant proposal reviewer for the Italian Ministry of Health
•  honorary editorial board member for the Journal of Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation

Dr. Barrie Jo Price, human environmental sciences, was made co-chair of the Technical Committee for KaaS 2010, International Workshop on Knowledge as a Service.

Dr. Margaret Purcell, arts and sciences, has been appointed area alumnae director for Delta Zeta Sorority. Her area includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Dr. Randall Schumacker, educational research, was named emeritus editor of the journals  Multiple Linear Regression Viewpoints (MLRV) and Structural Equation Modeling.


Dr. Alan Lane, engineering, released a music CD “Too Wet for Comfort” and held a CD release party in Tuscaloosa.


Dr. Rebecca S. Allen, psychology, with J.Y. Allen and M.M. Hilgeman “Prospective end-of-life treatment decisions and perceived vulnerability: Future time left to live and memory self-efficacy.” Aging and Mental Health, 2010.
•  with B. Schmid, P.P. Haley and J. DeCoster “Family matters: Dyadic agreement in end-of-life medical decision making.” The Gerontologist 50(2), pp. 226-237, 2010.
•  with M.J. Norton, A.L. Snow, J.M. Hardin and L.D. Burgio “Predictors of need-driven behaviors in nursing home residents with dementia and associated certified nursing assistant burden.” Aging and Mental Health 14(3) pp. 303-309, 2010.

William Andreen, law, “Regulatory Blowout: How Regulatory Failures Made the BP Disaster Possible, and How the System Can Be Fixed to Avoid a Recurrence.” (Center for Progressive Reform, 2010; White     Paper #1007).

Marcia Barrett, libraries, with Jim Alberts, Cyrus Ford, Steve Henry, Michi Hoban and Jay Weitz “Guide to Cataloging SlotMusic Based on AACR2 Chapters 6 and 9.” Online Audiovisual Catalogers/Music Library Association, 2010, Web.

Dr. Robert G. Batson, engineering, with Dr. Der-San Chen (engineering, retired) and Dr. Yu Dang the textbook “Applied Integer Programming” (John Wiley, January 2010).

Dr. Stanley L. Brodsky, psychology, “Therapy with Coerced and Reluctant Clients.” (Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association, 2010).
•  with R.J. Cramer, T.M.S. Neal and J. DeCoster “Witness Self-Efficacy: Development and Validation of the Construct.” Behavioral Sciences & the Law 28, pp. 784-800, 2010.
•  with M.P. Griffin and R.J. Cramer “The witness credibility scale: An outcome measure for expert witness research.” Behavioral Sciences & The Law 28, pp. 892-907, 2010.
•  with B.A. Larson “When Cross-Examination Offends: How Men and Women Assess Intrusive Questioning of Male and Female Expert Witnesses.” Journal of applied social psychology 40(4), pp. 311-830, 2010.
•  with Tess M.S. Neal and Bronwen Lichtenstein “Clinical Implications of Stigma in HIV/AIDS and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections.” International Journal of STD & AIDS 21(3) pp. 158-160, 2010.

James D. Bryce, law, with James E. Long Jr. and Joe W. Garrett Jr. “Disharmony in Alabama’s Conformity to the Federal Tax Classification of Business Entities.” 71 The Alabama Lawyer 122, 2010.

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•  ”Corporate Criminal Liability: When Does It Make Sense?” 46 American Criminal Law Review 1437 (2009). See CILP, p. 16.
•   “States, Statutes, and Fraud: A Study of Emerging State Efforts to Combat White Collar Crime.” 31 Cardozo Law Review 1523 (2010).
•  “The VLP and the Thief.” 71 The Alabama Lawyer 45 (2010).

Dr. Jeremy Butler, telecommunication and film, “Television Style” (Routledge, December 2009).

Dr. Karen J. Cartee, advertising and public relations and communication studies, “News Media” and “Impression Management.” Book chapters in volume II of SAGE’s Political and Civic Leadership Reference Handbook, (Richard A. Couto, ed.)

Drs. Melondie Carter and Susan Gaskins, nursing, “Incorporating Bioterrorism Content in the Nursing Curriculum: A Creative Approach.” Journal of Nursing Education

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•  ”Factors associated with reunification: A longitudinal analysis of long-term foster care.” Children and Youth Services Review 32, pp. 1311-1316, 2010.
•  With Celia Lo “Heavy Alcohol Use, Alcohol/Drug Screening and their relationship to Mothers’ Welfare Participation: A Temporal-Ordered Causal Analysis.” Journal of Social Policy 39(4), pp. 543-559, 2010.

Dr. Yunjae Cheong, advertising and public relations, with F. de Gregorio and K. Kim “The Power of Reach and Frequency in the Age of Digital Advertising: A 15-Year Update in Media Practice.” Journal of Advertising Research 50(4), pp. 1-13, 2010.
•  with K. Kim and H. Kim “Information Content of Super Bowl Commercials 2001-2009,” Journal of Marketing Communications 20(1), pp. 1-16, 2010.
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Dr. Carl Clements, psychology, with T.M. Neal “Prison Rape and Psychological Sequelae: A Call for Research.” Psychology, Public Policy, and Law 16(3), pp. 284-299, 2010.

Dr. Ellen Csikai, social work, with Shadi Martin “Bereaved hospice caregivers’ views of the transition to hospice.” Social Work in Health Care 49, pp. 387-400, 2010.
•  with C. Degi, P. Balog, M. Kopp, E. Kallay and J.F. Thayer “Depressive symptoms, negative life events and incidence of lifetime treatment of cancer in the Hungarian population.” Journal of Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences 10(1), pp. 39-57, 2010.

Jody L. DeRidder, libraries, with Tonio Loewald “Metadata In, Library Out. A Simple, Robust Digital Library System.” Code4Lib Journal 11, 2010.
•  “From Confusion and Chaos to Clarity and Hope.” Book chapter in “Digitization in the Real World: Lessons Learned from Small
to Medium-Sized Digitization Projects.”
(New York, 2010).

Dr. Andrew Raffo Dewar, new college and music, “Searching for the Center of a Sound: Bill Dixon‘s Webern, the Unaccompanied Solo, and Compositional Ontology in Post-Songform Jazz.” Jazz Perspectives 4(1), pp. 59-87, 2010.

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